Mpac plus Waterproof case
Mpac plus Waterproof case
Mpac plus Waterproof case

Mpac plus Waterproof case

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Mpac Plus ( All iOS and Android)

Different from other general waterproof pack,
it is mpacplus product optimized for scuba diving.

Mpac plus Features

– Perfect waterproof achieved using patented concavo-convex engagement technology and quality TPU material
– Enjoy music, take photo and video, use compass application, etc. in the water
– 200 meter water depth waterproof IPX8 achieved, the highest waterproof grade
– Able to use smartphone touchscreen function up to 40 meter water depth
– Passed 100 meter/1 hour water pressure test for smartphone


Mpac plus Control

Touch screen

Mpac plus Components

– Provide slide type red filter for color compensation at more than 3 meter water depth
– Provide smartphone fixing pad for clear photo to prevent shaking inside the waterproof case
– Provide hand-strap for user convenience of waterproof case under the water
– Provide quality towel to remove moisture from waterproof case and other items for storage
– Provide non-toxic, excellent design urethane material neck strap



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Mpac Plus Warning

1. Smartphone screen protection film removal

Depending on the smartphone model, the screen may not be smooth due to the LCD protective film. Therefore, it is recommended that you use it after removing the film.

2. Smartphone Airplane Mode

Communication will be lost accordingly to the depth of the water. Due to this, it is recommended that you turn on the airplane mode on your device to prevent the rapid loss of battery in failed attempts to establish connection.

3. Recommended to use within 30m depth

Our product is waterproof up to 200 bar and until 200m depth. However, we recommend that you use it within 30m depth to prevent any errors that may occur due to water pressure.

4. Cautionary details

When using this product, special care is required to reduce impact with sharp objects such as sea urchins, shells, corals, and rocks. Please be sure to test the product every time before usage to prevent damage due to the above causes.

5. Does not support smartphones with cracked or dirty screens.



A. Indiegogo funding customers: no additional shipping cost
If you funded via Indiegogo, we will ship you with DIVDEROID mini.

B. Ordering only Underwater housing
It will be shipped after testing.

It takes around 2 to 4 weeks to be delivered.
Due to different delivery times in various regions, please schedule accordingly.


Standard Return Policy

The product is used as a soft case and may not be exchanged or refunded if the waterproof pack explodes.

A test is carried out before the delivery, but please be sure to check the waterproof case just in case something happened during the delivery process.

If a product defect concerning the waterproof test is found within 14 days it can be exchanged.


Standard Refund Policy

We do not accept refunds for used products. If the product is unused, a refund will be issued within 14 days. Shipping charge to customer: Please order carefully

* The following items may not be refunded.

Exterior scratches on the surface of the product
Any dust or debris on the product
In cases which the product looks purposely broken


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